Are you suppose to use toothpast with whitening if you have braces?

Answer Usually any fluoride toothpaste is fine, some whitening toothpaste won't cause any irreversible damage or lighten them to the point your teeth will be discolored when the braces are removed. Just ... Read More »

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I have Natural White 5 minuet whitening gel and I was wondering if I could use it with braces ?

I would ask your orthodontist first or just wait until you get your braces off. Just be patient it'll be worth it! :) It might also whiten only the teeth around your brackets so when you get them ... Read More »

Does braces suppose to hurt after you get them?

Allot of times one arch hurts more that the other one. For example, my upper arch always hurt more than the bottom. It sounds like your bottom teeth was very crowded. We usually straighten the upp... Read More »

I just got my braces on and the metla rings in the back keep poking at my cheek. are they suppose to?

That's fine put some wax on it and it will feel better. Or u will just get used to it

How do you get ins with invalid license to get car out of pound when the car was not suppose to have been driven?

Do you mean you have an invalid car tag or do not have a valid drivers license? If you have a valid car tag and have a friend or relative with a valid driver's license and valid insurance, you can ... Read More »