Are you suppose to turn off ur computer when ur done using it?

Answer Yes you should turn it off when you don't use it, you will save power, and you will keep your PC from getting data stacked, plus if your internet is running the hidden processes will ruin your PC.

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Is it better to leave a computer on all of the time, or to turn it off when ur done and on only when u need it?

Just give me one reason on why to leave it on if you're not going to use it overnight. All the power wasted while computers are sitting idle overnight adds up, and one study has finally tried to me... Read More »

Are you suppose to turn off your computer every night or use stand by?

This is an interesting Question, Mainly because its like any other electrical device, when you turn any componet it on there is a power spike thus for putting a loads on diodes and circuitry, in ac... Read More »

Can i turn off my router when i am not using my computer and when i put it back on will it work again?

Yes you can turn it off and it will just work when it is turned on.

Should I turn my computer off when I am not using it?

Hi there,Yes you can do it either way. However, turning it off and on all the time all day long, uses energy. Just like a light switch.You can go into Control Panel and under Power Settings, you ca... Read More »