Are you suppose to tip 15% before tax or after?

Answer If you can afford to eat out, then you can afford to tip well. Start at a dollar, and for every five bucks you spend, tip another dollar. So for a $20 dinner you're tipping $5 bucks. You're not ... Read More »

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What does"suppose"mean?

The verb "suppose" has several meanings. You can use suppose to infer that something may happen or to consider a future prospect. For example, "Suppose, I put my assignment off until next week." S... Read More »

Is a CPU suppose to be high or low?

It fluctuates depending on what you're doing. Open up the task manager and you can see the fluctuation. If you have a lot of programs open it will be at a high percentage. If not it'll be down at 3... Read More »

What are BB creams suppose to do?

it's suppose to moisturize and also give you some coverage for your face if you want that more natural look so don't use too much of it.

Are you suppose to eat until your full?

You are supposed to eat enough until you feel comfortably full, not stuffedHman