Are you suppose to tip 15% before tax or after?

Answer If you can afford to eat out, then you can afford to tip well. Start at a dollar, and for every five bucks you spend, tip another dollar. So for a $20 dinner you're tipping $5 bucks. You're not ... Read More »

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Are you suppose to stretch before, or after a workout?

Before a workout, it's best to stretch because you won't get cramps and your body will be more flexible.

Are you suppose to floss your teeth before or after brushing?

Floss before, so you can brush all that nasty tasting plaque and food away!

How long after have a babby am I suppose to wait before getting pregnant again?

Personally, I can not believe these people. Having children too close together is very bad for your body. You need to give yourself proper time to heal after giving birth. I think you should wai... Read More »

Is your tooth/gum/jawbone suppose to hurt after a root canal has been done and before a crown has been placed?

Your tooth can hurt for 3-4 days after the root canal treatment. For this you can take pain killer prescribed by the dentist. If it hurts even after a week then you should consult your dentist and ... Read More »