Are you suppose to floss your teeth before or after brushing?

Answer Floss before, so you can brush all that nasty tasting plaque and food away!

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Is it best to floss your teeth after or before brushing?

I don't really think it matters. I do it before.

Can i floss my teeth when having braces with a regular floss brush?

You can use regular floss but will need a flies threader to get under your braces. Your dentist will show you how. It is very important!

Floss before brushing or floss after brushing and why?

People do either way. You should ask your dentist. I floss first then brush.

Does it make a difference whether you floss before or after brushing?

No I don't think so but I personally like to floss first to get all of the small stuff out my teeth and then brush to finish it off.