Are you suppoed to tip when ordering to go from a restaurant?

Answer No...

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When You are in a restaurant,will u look others plate before ordering?

I may look around to help influence my decision about what to order, or during or after my meal I might look around to see what looks good for me to order next time.And, I do it in countries where ... Read More »

When ordering wine at a restaurant, how do you differentiate between two of the same type to the waiter?

You always order a wine by its full name and that includes the varietal or type of wine it is.

What does neat mean when ordering a drink?

When ordering a drink, the term neat means you are requesting just liquor--no ice--and the drink served in an old-fashioned glass, according to Good Cocktails. Since a person wants to sip a neat dr... Read More »

Preschool curriculum and ordering?

If I were you I would order from MAILBOX.You can create a curriculum from it.All you do is buy the materials you need and copy what you wish from what they offer.I have never met a child or a teach... Read More »