Are you suppoed to tip when ordering to go from a restaurant?

Answer No...

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When You are in a restaurant,will u look others plate before ordering?

I may look around to help influence my decision about what to order, or during or after my meal I might look around to see what looks good for me to order next time.And, I do it in countries where ... Read More »

When ordering wine at a restaurant, how do you differentiate between two of the same type to the waiter?

You always order a wine by its full name and that includes the varietal or type of wine it is.

Do you prefer buying albums from itunes or ordering from the official artist's website Why?

The artist's website· iTunes, along with all Apple products, is horribly locked in and not worth using· CDs will be mine forever and may be ripped into whichever formats I like - including lossle... Read More »

Do you think it is OK for cashiers to place tip jars when you are ordering food to go?

It doesn't matter either way, its up to the customer to decide if they want to tip or not, you need not feel obligated.