Are you supose to throw away your toothbrush after so many times?

Answer every 3 mnths

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How many times do change your toothbrush in a year?

About every 2 months. In between, I drop it in the silverware holder of the dish washer at least every 2-3 days. I don't know if you have ever thought about it but if you have a cold that you can't... Read More »

Why do we must wash the towel after usewe supose to be clean after shower right?

Yes! I wish I could get this info pounded into my son's head so he would use a towel more than once. YES ON THIS THEORY!!! I AGREE!!! I'M TIRED OF WASHING ALL OF MY TOWELS WITHIN 3 DAYS OF USE.

How to Perform the Walking Throw Drill for the Discus Throw?

The walking throw drill for the discus allows the athlete to move through the different positions in a slow concentrated manner, to help better understand how the movement should feel at full speed.

How to Throw a Regular "Backhand" Throw With a Frisbee?

It's easy as pie to throw a Frisbee, or flying disk. Here's the recipe.