Seriously, I'm stumped?

Answer lol..yeah that doesn't make husband and i actually both do our share of the laundry....usually he is the one who puts it all in and i fold and put away. the only thing i don't do is iron... Read More »

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I'm stumped. Can someone help me out?

This was a hard question to locate a specific time span for.BUT...I was able to study the history of this service to find it may have began after the SP attained the SSW in the early 30's:The SSW r... Read More »

I am stumped (A utorrent-related question)?

Are you sure you have not got it set to choose a port randomly at every restart ?you need to choose a port that is not being monitored in your routerby your internet service provider.they sometimes... Read More »

Internet down and I am stumped. What's wrong?

Hubby and i are stumped with ideas for friday night date!!?

I happen to feel that when we "plan" things meticulously, something always goes wrong. So why not hire a babysitter from like 6-10 and go from there. See how the weather is. Maybe you could eat out... Read More »