Any one of you still glad that you quit smoking cigarette or you still miss cigarettes?

Answer I would smoke a few cigarettes not enough to call myself a smoker, but my late husband did smoke and he was very glad to quit for Jehovah God. when I stand near someone who smokes, they smell so ba... Read More »

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Why am I still wearing a diaper I just recently turned 19 and I am still consitantly wetting the bed?

Can you still be pregnant even if you got a regular period but still have some pregnancy symptoms?

Answer It is possible to still be pregnant if your last period was unusual. Do a test.

In my early forties, still got a good figure, should I still wear a bikini on the beach?

Flaunt your stuff!!! Show us twenty somethings we have something to look forward too.

Circumcision: Why are parents still requesting and doctors still performing this cruel procedure?

I couldn't agree more :) it's not really the "done" thing here in the UK..... religious reasons aside. Maybe that's why I see it differently to Americans (I say Americans cos the circ. rate in the ... Read More »