Are you still considered a child at age 17?

Answer Yes, for 7 more years if you are a female, or 13 more years if you are male. What? Did you think you were an adult at age 18? Do you know why you are considered an adult at age 18? Because boys can... Read More »

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You adopted a child 2 years ago you are now divorced and want to sign over your rights how do you do this and will you still have to pay child support if the child is not biologically mine?

England and Wales It is not possible to "sign over rights". If you have adopted a child, you have a duty to maintain until that child has left non-advanced education or reached 19 years old, whiche... Read More »

Is spanking your child considered discipline or child abuse?

it depends half the time it is discipline but the other half is abuse. if it has a reason its discipline but if whoever is doing it without reason its usually abuse Only suitable for minors?: Peo... Read More »

Is spanking a child considered child abuse?

Legally Disciplinary Spanking Is Not Considered Child Abuse However Some people consider spanking to be child abuse and some don't. According to US laws Disciplinary Spanking Is Not Child Abuse.. ... Read More »

Why gifted child is considered a special child?

A gifted child is considered a special child because advanced intellect or talent creates a need for education that is different than the education that is presented to them in the classroom. Some ... Read More »