Are you still a parent if you have no legal rights to your children?

Answer A parent is the biological or legally adoptive mother or father. If you have lost custody of your child you are still the child's parent in that sense. If you have allowed your child to be legally ... Read More »

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In the state of Ohio if a non-custodial parent gives up all parental rights to his children does he still have to pay child support?

Answer Absolutely. Welcome to the new america. They'll make you pay even if they took your rights.Actually I questioned once how someone would give up their parental rights in the state of Ohio and... Read More »

Can your ex and fiance adopt your two children you have legal and physical custody what are your rights?

The entire situation has not been explained. so there may be mitigating factors. The short answer is: if the child has been legally adopted, the biological parents have no more legal standing than ... Read More »

As a stepmother do you have legal rights regarding your husband's children?

The simple answer is NO, step parents do not have legal "rights" regarding their step-children. In order to have legal parental rights the step parent must legally adopt the children.

If you sign over your parental rights to an adopted parent do you still have to pay back child support?