Are you smart enough to decipher this message?

Answer that was so cool!!!!!!!!!!:-)

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Can you decipher this alien message?

that was so cool!!!!!....we must leave this planet right now!!

Am I smart enough to be a Nurse?

As a long-time 'old school style' nurse myself, I can tell you that no matter what job you start, there will always be a level of anticipation and concern. It's common for anyone to feel that way n... Read More »

I wanna send a babysitting ad to my friends on fb in a message, does this message look good?

It looks good, except that you need to include what you will or won't provide ie - meals provided, parents provide meals and snacks, parents provide diapers, wipes, etc. Do you have an age range y... Read More »

I received a message from Information Technology Services. ITS ask me my email password. is this real message?

if you ever receive a email or a link asking you to either sign in or send them your email address or password it is fake they will take your details and steal your money or use your home address f... Read More »