Can be my toe be saved?

Answer my mom has that same problem! She just goes to a pain management clinic and gets drugs to take away. As long as you can't feel the pain from it I think you will be ok.

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Can a wet mattress be saved?

You can attempt to salvage even a completely sodden mattress where the interior is soaked by calling a professional carpet cleaning service. Many of them also clean mattresses and may be able to ge... Read More »

Is saved by the bell old?

yes , saved by the bell is a old show. it's from the early '90s.

How to Be a Saved by the Bell Fan?

Saved by the Bell made its' debut in 1989 and ended its' run in 1993. It became one of the most popular kid's shows of all time. Here is how to become very familiar with this popular series.

I saved a dog today?

You are a hero and thanks for your fine service. Too bad people do not control their pets.