Are you responsible for your siblings debt?

Answer You are not responsible for your sibling's debt unless you co-signed and agreed to be responsible for it. If you co-sign for a debt and the primary borrower doesn't pay then you will be held respon... Read More »

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Are older siblings more responsible than younger siblings?

it depends what age are they like the younger one is 13 and the older one is15 than both will kinda be both of the same responsible but the older one will probrally be more.but if your talking abou... Read More »

What Is Responsible Debt Release?

Responsible Debt Relief is a system that precisely measures and estimates debt repayment capability and consumer debt capacity. The results of an algorithmic formula allow the classification of con... Read More »

Who becomes responsible for debt when someone dies?

When a person dies, their estate pays their debts. The estate can include personal wealth, holdings and property left behind. In some states, spouses have responsibility for debts owed. In other st... Read More »

Is a spouse responsible for debt?

On One Hand: In Some Cases, YesA spouse is responsible for debt if he or she is a joint holder on the account in question. If the couple lives in a community property state, such as Arizona or Cali... Read More »