Are you responsible for a dead person's debts?

Answer On One Hand: You're Not Responsible for a Dead Person's DebtsAccording to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), surviving relatives of a deceased person are usually not responsible for that person's ... Read More »

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Can you be responsible for a spouse's debts?

On One Hand: Romance and FinanceWhen couples get married, they often look forward to sharing many things together. Unfortunately, a huge amount of debt or accumulated debt during the marriage is no... Read More »

Are heirs responsible for debts?

On One Hand: Heirs Not Responsible for DebtIf an individual dies in debt his family members cannot be required to pay any of his debt with their own money. Debt is not transferred to family unless ... Read More »

Are Minors Responsible for Debts They Incur?

On One Hand: Contract VoidDebts incurred through contract by a minor do not hold in court because most states do not hold minors legally capable of a binding contract, says Credit This g... Read More »

Is a wife responsible for her husband's debts?

On One Hand: In a Community Property StateIn a community property state, the wife is responsible for debts her husband incurred during the marriage. However, the wife is not automatically responsib... Read More »