Are you required to have insurance on your car if it will not be driven?

Answer Answer no, as long as the vehical is stored in your garage the homeowners policy were cover it. otherwise no insurance is not required. although u must make sure you do not drive it. if you are cau... Read More »

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In Virginia can you own a car and not have tags or insurance if the car will not be driven?

Answer I was told (when it came time to pay property tax), that you may have a car with no or expired tags, inspection sticker, insurance, and/or city sticker, BUT that you may still be charged pro... Read More »

When will a person be required to have full coverage insurance?

Answer usually you only need full coverage if you are financing or leasing your vehicle.

If your car is hit by debris from a roof will the homeowner's insurance pay or will your car insurance have to pay?

Depends if it is (1)your roof and your car, (2)your neighbors roof and your car, or (3)your roof and your neighbors car.1 - You can't sue yourself so your homeowner's liability is out of the questi... Read More »

If someone runs a red light and hits you but they have no insurance but you are fully covered with your insurance will your insurance pay you for pain and sufferring then go after them for the money?

Yes, very likely If you have uninsured motorists coverage (required in most states) that is the coverage that will take care of your medical bills and pain and suffering. After your claim is paid ... Read More »