How to Vote Republican?

Answer Great idea not supported due to lazinessThis is perhaps the best thing you can do to contribute to modern day America, with tons of pesky neo-libertians and anarchists running rampant, you are sure... Read More »

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Is Dr Phil a republican?

He's a rich Texan, but grew up in a very humble lifestyle as a kid. Hard to say how he votes now. In a way it's nice that Dr. Phil is not publicly endrosing any candidate in order to remain neutral... Read More »

Is Jim Rohn a republican?

Born in 1970 in Ault, Colorado, Jim Rohn affiliated himself with the Republican Party. Along with owning and managing an antiques business in Colorado, Rohn also served as a delegate to the Republi... Read More »

Is Lord Voldemort a republican?

LOL, yeah he looks 100% mere republican. I bet he is one of those who counsil Dubya to help him make choises. :P

Is barack obama republican?

Barack Obama is not a Republican. He is a Democrat. Obama was elected president of the United States in 2008. He had previously served the state of Illinois in the U.S. Senate, where he also ser... Read More »