Do the people with a million "yahoo answer" points have a job or do they just sit at their computers all day?

Answer I don't think they can have much of a life, unless they do it at work, and then they don't have much of a job.

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How do i know that you all are real people perhaps you are just some weird yahoo programs keeping me busy?

The best resource at your disposal without too much trouble would be to read about and apply the Turing Test. The URLs below have pertinent information about it and are more authorative than I;-) ... Read More »

I have just eaten 6 ferrero roche's in 1 minute, witnessed by 10 people. It was very close but just managed it?

Could you relate computers to real life?

On a deeper level computers, or rather technology as a whole are also a way of life. There are people who isolate and immerse themselves in the world of modern technology; their only connection to ... Read More »

How many people become licensed real estate sales people annually?