Could you relate computers to real life?

Answer On a deeper level computers, or rather technology as a whole are also a way of life. There are people who isolate and immerse themselves in the world of modern technology; their only connection to ... Read More »

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How many people become licensed real estate sales people annually?

What have computers done to help people?

The development of computers has had beneficial effects on people of all ages. Even as computers continue to improve and progress, people find increased uses for them.CommunicationComputers have gi... Read More »

Ok people I need your help with computers !!!!?

No offense, but you cannot simply setup some program like Alex said and get to your home PC from work, unless you are paying for a static IP. Programs like Hamachi are nothing more than a freeware ... Read More »

People who fix computers?

We charge $55 an hour with a 3 hour minimum for housecalls. But if you bring it in it is only $55 an hour with no minimum and we can fix most problems in under an hour.