Could you relate computers to real life?

Answer On a deeper level computers, or rather technology as a whole are also a way of life. There are people who isolate and immerse themselves in the world of modern technology; their only connection to ... Read More »

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How many people become licensed real estate sales people annually?

People who fix computers?

We charge $55 an hour with a 3 hour minimum for housecalls. But if you bring it in it is only $55 an hour with no minimum and we can fix most problems in under an hour.

How Do Computers Help Disabled People?

Computers have done a great deal to allow individuals with physical or mental disabilities to participate fuller life. Computers can help disabled people in many different areas of life including w... Read More »

Why Do People Dislike Apple Computers?

I don't think that people dislike Apple computers at all. I would have preferred an Apple to my Dell but I just couldn't afford an Apple. They cost 3x to 4x's as much as my Dell, so why spend tha... Read More »