How to Tell if You Are a Racist?

Answer Are you a racist? Here are some things to think about.

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Was she being racist I think so?

No your not wrong. But dont get so worked up over people like that. That lady has a problem and its called power tripping. I think she would of bothered anyboy of any race, or color. You just h... Read More »

OK I'm not racist far from it but?

It's a great big double-standard that is glaring us in the face, but people choose to ignore it.I agree, it isn't right. I just don't know that there is anything that can be done about it. In the... Read More »

Is Google being racist?

hmmm.. weird!Google always celebrates the smallest events, but why Cinco De Mayo??but I don't think that Google is racist or something!maybe they think that Cinco De Mayo is not important (from the... Read More »

Are the swiss really racist?

Switzerland is no more racist than any other European country. That said, it does have some racism, obviously. I am not Swiss, but have worked with Swiss people for ten years in Canada, and have se... Read More »