Are you proud?

Answer I'm obsessed with teeth. I brush mine five times in a row.I admit, sometimes I do go a couple of days without brushing them... but I can afford to, because my teeth are really white! Hehe!I also ha... Read More »

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He got it in the so proud...what r u proud of?

Hey good work Soldier!!!Mine did too!! Had to take it to the hospital yesterday and i nearly swore at an old man in the car park who was taking too much time looking for a space... what could i say... Read More »

How to Be Proud of Who You Are?

This article will explain different ways to be proud of who you are no matter how different you are from others and no matter how others will judge you.

How to Be Proud to Be Blonde?

Do you cringe when you here another 'Dumb Blonde joke'? Are you often told "You're such a blonde!"? Are you sick of it? Accept who you are! Don't go dying your hair black and brown right away! You'... Read More »

How to Be a Proud Conservative?

Politics, like religion, are very influential, and often controversial -- impacting many areas of life, yet people say that politics are private like some abnormality, or taboo topic. That is not l... Read More »