Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

Answer Hello abortion is legal. I am for abortion for many different reasons and even though i haven't had one if i did want one then i would not care what people like you think/thought.I would have an ab... Read More »

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Abortion:Are you pro choice or Pro life?

PRO LIFE, would you like it if your mother killed you?

Abortion: are you pro Choice or Pro Life?

This question is way overdone, and it only starts a war between everyone.We all have our opinions. And you saying you can't be pro-life if you have exceptions, is your own opinion as well, not a fact.

How to Design a Life of Your Choice?

Planning Life & CareerA lot of us tend to take life for granted, "taking life as it comes" and using that to justify inaction or lethargy. We think that by the time we're in our 40s or 50s, that ev... Read More »

Is Barack Obama pro-life or pro-choice?

President Barack Obama is pro-choice on abortion rights, believing in a woman's right to choose to continue or abort her pregnancy. He has said the he supports limiting "late-term" abortions, provi... Read More »