Are you people amazing or what?

Answer coolyeah, we are!thank you for 2

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Ever wondered what it looks like when you ovulate Have a look at these amazing pictures. Amazing huh?

i cant believe it amazing sight to see,clear pictures aswell

Why do people who look bad face to face look amazing in photos?

i think i look better in person, but i dont come that bad across in picture, it depends on the lighting in the picture and the quality and stuff as well.

What is a roadblock on The Amazing Race?

A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. A Roadblock clue is given as a cryptic question, such as "Who's really hungry?" or "Who wants to get down and dirty?" Based on this info... Read More »

What is a fastforward in The Amazing Race?

A Fast Forward is a task that, once completed, allows the team that completes it to bypass all remaining tasks in the leg and proceed directly to the Pit Stop. The Fast Forward clue is given with a... Read More »