I only owe for 6 credits and have 24 that I paid for, can I get official transcript for the credits paid for?

Answer Nope - your transcript has to include all of the credits you have taken. It is the school's right to say "no" if you still owe a balance.

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What is the percentage of GAP policies that are paid out?

%REPLIES% Answer I don't know, but, the GAP policy I had used the formula: Outstanding loan balance minus cash value as the beginning of it's calculation. Then it went out to subtract refunds of ... Read More »

If you paid a 13 yr old boy to mow the lawn for you and found that he had broken and tore off?

Wonder is going with choice C.C. Ask lenient husband to mow lawn from now on.orD. Ask lenient husband to hire 20-something year old (more mature) boy to mow lawn nexct time, who is more responsible... Read More »

Suing on a Debt That Has Already Been Paid?

Debt collectors tend to increase the amount of lawsuits they file in bad economies, and some use automated software that can accidentally file a lawsuit on a paid debt. However, you must still foll... Read More »

How Do I Have My Name Added to a Car Title That Is Not Paid Off Yet?

A car title is the document that is issued by your state to show legal proof of ownership of the vehicle. If you have a loan on your car, then you do not get your car title until you have made all ... Read More »