Are you or have ever met a pescatarian?

Answer yes! ME I AM ONE! NAd I love it!

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Pescatarian VS Raw Foodist?

I don't know a lot about pescatarianism, but I have looked into raw food diets.The basic idea of the raw food diet is that anything that can't be eaten raw isn't meant for human consumption. I can ... Read More »

Why are YOU vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan/e…?

Originally, I did it as a bet. Feeling healthier a month later after having consumed no meat was enough incentive to keep it up. Years later, after cutting most processed foods and all animal by-... Read More »

Ways to deal with anemia as a pescatarian?

sounds like your on the right track with the supplement. Eat a good diet with plenty of iron- beans nuts tofu lentils pulses grains spinach- and it might take a while for your energy levels to retu... Read More »

What is a healtful pescatarian meal plan?

Am assuming you mean healthful....Anyway, eating seafood 4-6times a week is good, especially for women of child bearing age. Do be careful with large pelagic fish such as marlin, swordfish, some tu... Read More »