Are you on facebook if so here is a warning for you?

Answer Cheers I will tell my daughters

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Why am I getting a warning message from FaceBook?

Facebook has a high defense system built in to it to be a deterrent to spammers. You probably looked at alot of people's profiles or sent alot of messages at once. It is probably leary of you since... Read More »

WARNING:This is a serious survey question- Have you got a facebook account?

The Truth About McDonald's (Warning: VERY disturbing) Facebook fanpage; What is it?

I saw that, it's all this crap about McDonalds feeding their chickens all sorts of **** and keeping them in the dark and im like they buy their chicken from Tyson! It's a bunch of bullshit don't wo... Read More »

Warning!!! Will you be flashing now My employer issued the following warning to all staff to pass on.?

A brill urban legend!Pity it's not true..I'd fancy the challenge......I'd just drive down to Salford precinct!