Are you old enough to commute when you are twelve years old?

Answer cleaning, home improvements, making the house smell odd, sex, making sure the tv works by watching it for hours, the list is endless. I think men can help around the house by taking out the trash a... Read More »

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Hi I'm twelve and I live in Italy and barely speak Italian and I wanna by an iphone but I don't have enough money How should I earn money when I can't work yet?

Well, you can either pay in gems to finish dishes immediatley, but for those who don't have many gems/ aren't willing to buy any, then you will have to wait for dishes to cook. I usually time my di... Read More »

A psychologist who studies memory improvements made between children three years of age and children twelve years of age would probably be?

Not at this time August 4 2010 has NOT been approved at this time. MA Sales tax free days for 2010 could possibly be August 14 and 15 if it gets signed into law before that day.

How to Stop Bad Habits to Be up to Twelve Years Younger (Longevity)?

Green chart is generally good effects of just a little alcohol consumption over time. Red chart is illnesses and complications of drinking larger amounts of alcohol over time. Click image to see a ... Read More »

If your parents are divorced and you are twelve years old can you decide who you want to live with?

Answer yes dont see why not Answer No.However, you can ask your parents. At the age of 12, you don't how what is best.