Are you not supposed to wash your hair everyday?

Answer I have frizzy/wavy hair and I wash it every other day. Technically you're not supposed to wash it everyday. Try for everyother day. If my hair starts to get oily on the second day then i put baby p... Read More »

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Is it ok to wash your hair everyday?

Well what most people don't know on here is about hair types on this issue. They always same the same thing and it just isn't true. Everyones body is different. It's almost like saying every depres... Read More »

Should I Wash My Hair Everyday?

Snap-together flooring, also called "floating" flooring, isn't glued or nailed down to the subfloor. Instead, it sits on a bed of plastic foam, with the boards connected together to form the surfac... Read More »

When they say don't wash your hair everyday, what exactly do they mean?

It doesn't matter if you get it wet, just don't wash it with shampoo.I condition every day, shampoo every other day, and am starting to do a EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) treatment once a week. (ba... Read More »

Is it okay to wash my hair everyday?

Don't panic!You CAN wash your hair every day and not suffer ill-effects if it is in fact as greasy, sweaty and dirty as you say.BUT, there is a better alternative.Why not just rinse it? People don'... Read More »