Are you near a computer at this very moment?

Answer yeah ... unless you are from a mobile device (smarrtphone or such) you are too...

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What do you have at the moment for your desktop background on your computer.?

a labyrinth...because it will be my next tattoo...and my life is a labyrinth...a journey...i see the center "where i want to be" but it takes time and lots of twists and turns to get there.....

What kind of a mess is your computer desk in at the moment?

It has looked better.. just been too rushed this month.. ]Is that the correct spelling of your nameHappy Holidays..

How to Have a Moment?

How to have a wedding wedding moment? You insert your love and personality into your day.

How to Be in the Moment?

To be in the moment is to recognize that you are here, now, and appreciate that for all that it is worth.