Are you looking forward to Laser Phosphor Displays?

Answer these are more orientated around large events, like outdoor large screens, music concerts, etc. more for corporate or buisness users, not the average person as they will probably be very expensive,... Read More »

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How to Play Rasterwerks (Phosphor) Efficiently?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to play Phosphor well. Phosphor is a browser-based first-person shooter which runs on Shockwave. It is completely free. Despite constant lagging, it is very ente... Read More »

How do i forward landline calls when the call forward feature is unavailable on my landline phone,adaptor?

I am not aware of any hardware that can provide this function. I'm surprised your local provider doesn't offer that feature, it is a really popular feature. You must live in a very rural area!n

Bronze vs Phosphor Bronze Strings?

Guitar strings are made from a number of different materials produced by a variety of manufacturing processes. Though the usual considerations center on achieving the optimum tone for a particular ... Read More »

Are optical or laser mice more likely to start skipping because of dust/hair under the light/laser?

Not really, unless you have so much hair/dust that there's no reflection at all back to the sensor underneath the mouse.Optical mouse is best for your environment. If you still have issues, go for ... Read More »