Are you looking forward to Laser Phosphor Displays?

Answer these are more orientated around large events, like outdoor large screens, music concerts, etc. more for corporate or buisness users, not the average person as they will probably be very expensive,... Read More »

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Im 13 and im looking forward to get a job at 14?

Yes lots of jobs would but you need to get a working permit from your school counselor it's really easy to get. Try a job in the theaters or a fast food place like a pizza place or Dairy Queen.

BB 10 - are you looking forward to it?

Bex .. Where do you want me to start..First of all get over this bullying obssession and let the housemates argue..then they need to start letting it slip out (accidently of course) who nominated w... Read More »

Are you looking forward for the summer?

No. I much prefer the Spring for it's freshness and the Autumn for colour - and I suffer hayfever, so Summer is not my favourite time. I can see the attraction, but not for me.

Are you looking forward to the no smoking ban in pubs?

It only means more Cigarette butts on the streets. Hey, you just gotta get people to quit.