Are you less likely to get pregnant if it's your first time having sex?

Answer No, you are still just as likely to get pregnant

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Are you less likely to get pregnant if you have sex the day after your period is over?

Nope ... you can get pregnant: anytime before your period anytime during your period anytime after your period anytime ... PERIODThis has been medically proven time and again. There are only two (... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant after the first time of having sex?

YES.Absolutely YES, even if you pull out before the big moment, if she is standing up, laying down, in bed, in a car, she has a shower afterwards. NONE of these things, or any other old wives tails... Read More »

If you and your wife are divorcing because of an affair she is having and you will likely need to leave the state to get a full-time job can you do this and take your daughter with you?

Answer This is a tough one and depends on the circumstances. I would see a lawyer and see what your rights are. If your wife is seeing to your daughter's needs and your daughter enjoys living wit... Read More »

Do the appeals on wikipedia make you less likely or more likely to donate?

Neither, though they are intrusive and I find them annoying. I preferred before when it was one or two lines of text on the screen, rather than a large photo.