Are you legally considered an adult at 16 if you are pregnant in Florida?

Answer No. Getting pregnant does not make you an adult.

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Are you considered an adult once you become pregnant?

Answer No, a pregnancy does not constitute automatic emancipation of a minor. The minor can petition the court for emancipation rights in order to receive state assistance such as Medicaid, WWIC, a... Read More »

In Florida can a 16-year-old legally move out or get married if she is not pregnant?

Answer No, not unless she has been emancipated by the court. Answer Legally no, but there are many runaway teens out there in every city. What you have to ask yourself if "what is so bad at home... Read More »

If you are 16 and are pregnant or have already had the child of a guy 18 and old in Florida how is it legally possible to get married without parental consent?

Answer Yes, if you have had a child, and swear on this, and have a doctors proof, then you may apply for a marriage license without the consent of your parents thought may decide not to issue you ... Read More »

If you are 17 and pregnant can your mom place charges on your over 21 boyfriend or am you considered an adult I live on my own and live in Ky.?

Answer Yes, the mom can file charges and have the boyfriend arrested. He could be charged with rape of a minor, and have the title 'sex offender' on his head the rest of this life. You are 17 - yo... Read More »