Google image search... omgwtf. Are you kidding me are you frigging kidding me!?

Answer Yes I noticed's so aggravating when you're trying to find images of something and have to waft through pages of porn to find a picture of a kitty. It doesn't matter what it is....there'l... Read More »

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How to Prevent Someone from Kidding With You?

There are many variations of 'kidding'. Some is the passive variety where the person doing the kidding is going to say whatever they want with you or anyone else. This would be someone that just wa... Read More »

12 glasses of water Are they kidding?

Did ya'll think I was kidding about the habanero eating mouse?

The closet...remember the closet...You may want to go there and write this story into a book...

Is David Letterman really in The Taking of Pelham 123 or is he just kidding?

Freddy most likely cause they kissed just to get it over with but i think he doesnt want to tell her