Are you intelligent?

Answer Psh = An expression used when something is highly unlikely or that the speaker disagrees with.Psh, pink cows SO do not come from Denmark!--------------Jst = Just

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How to Be Intelligent?

To be intelligent, you need to work hard. Just because someone gets straight A's does not mean he/she is intelligent. And you don't necessarily have to spend the rest of yours days locked up in you... Read More »

How to Sound Intelligent?

Sometimes when you're having a conversation with someone or a group of people, you may stop and wonder if you sound like a complete moron. Most often this occurs when you are speaking to a group of... Read More »

How to Act More Intelligent?

Sometimes, you may be called "the dullest knife in the drawer", or "one fry short of a happy meal." Perhaps you feel that people teasing you for your lack of intelligent or lack of wanting to be in... Read More »

How to Use an Intelligent Updater?

The Intelligent Updater is an Symantec tool that allows users to obtain the latest virus definitions for Norton products. The virus definition changes continuously and is available for Symantec and... Read More »