Are you insured if you drive someone else's car?

Answer Answer that depends on their insurance policy

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If you have an insurance policy to drive any vehicle would you still be insured to drive a car that is not insured by the owner?

Answer The answer is "it depends." I know of no insurance companies that issue policies "to drive any vehicle" ... automobile insurance, at least in the USA, is based on the car being driven. In ... Read More »

Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

Answer You are covered if you are a licensed driver regardless what they say.A leased vehicle is owned by the leasing agency not by the person who is leasing it.The terms of the contract will desig... Read More »

If I am uninsured and I want to drive my farther insured car can I still drive it legally?

Answer It depends on our father's insurance. My children may drive my car because my insurance covers anyone I give permission to drive my car (they have have a valid license). However, my ex-wife'... Read More »

Can I drive my son's car if it is not insured?

Car insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver, so anyone driving a car that is not insured is subject to legal penalties and will be held liable for any damage caused if the vehicle is involved... Read More »