Are you "inconsiderate" if you don't send gifts to others on Facebook games?

Answer i wasnt invited to play in the games, i feel like Rudolph...

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Why do some people get bitten by Mosquitos and others dont?

I was under the impression that they were attracted by smell especially smelly feet. Me and my kids get bitten all the time and we have REALLY SMELLY FEET!

How to Buy Gifts and Souvenirs for Others When Traveling Abroad?

People love receiving gifts from family and friends who have traveled to far away places, so make sure that you know how to buy gifts and souvenirs for others when traveling abroad so that you can ... Read More »

Do you need insurance if you dont have a car but you drive others that arent in your family?

there are many variables in this question...most of the time NO, if you have permission to drive the vehicle (occassional use only), from the owner baring any exclusions in the policy then you are ... Read More »

If i send Messages to my facebook contacts are they gonna show on my facebook account?

No it's not gonna show up in your Timeline