Are you in the software section because you can't get hard?

Answer The majority of users here are trying to help people solve prolems, not wasting their time. Including people with mental problems, but I suggest you go to the mental health section for help with yo... Read More »

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Is your dream man someone who's a TC in the software, other-computers, AND security section?

He's so ******* hot…

Is parasagittal section is a section that is perpendicular to a sagittal section?

The sagittal plane is a vertical plane through the longitudinal axis dividing the body into left and right portions. If the animal is bisected straight down the midline, the section is called a "mi... Read More »

Can a relative on section 8 live in your rental How Can you rent your Property through section 8 How can your rental house be classified section 8?

How to Fix Hard Drive Software That Is Inaccessible?

Repairing installed software on your Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 computer can be necessary after power failures, surges and other traumatic events that cause problems with your ha... Read More »