Are you a computer or human?

Answer I compute and I am mostly human

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Who is more intelligent A COMPUTER OR A HUMAN?

A human is the only one that can ask questions. Computers are usless because they only have the answers.

Is computer faster than human mind?

No.The fact that computers can do things like math quicker than humans is just because their "brains" are specifically designed for it, unlike a human's. However, our brains are much more complex.... Read More »

Careers with Human and Computer Interaction?

For individuals who enjoy or are good with computers, choosing a career involving computer use may be a good idea. Many positions involve computer operation, however, don't include much interaction... Read More »

Computer-Based Training for Human Resources?

Human resources professionals oversee employee management tasks, such as interviewing, hiring and professional development. Computer-based training designed to develop these skills allows HR profes... Read More »