How to Approach the Homeless?

Answer Homeless people should not be treated with distrust or suspicion. They are, in fact, more likely to be the victims of violent crime and therefore have more reason to fear you than you do them. The ... Read More »

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How to Help the Homeless?

Learn how to help the homeless

How to Help Feed the Homeless?

It's tomato/peanut butter; have all you want!So you are interested in helping to make sure your fellow man is still eating? Helping to Add Something to Humanity in lean times, when many can become ... Read More »

Homeless Children & Schools?

Losing a home can severely inhibit a family's ability to get children to school, and some school districts require that students have an address. However, federal legislation has put more pressure ... Read More »

Ways to Witness to the Homeless?

One major part of evangelism is witnessing to the homeless. They are an important part of society and need to know the love and hope that comes from the word of God. There are many ways to spread... Read More »