Whats the stupidest reason someone has given for hitting you or nearly hitting you?

Answer guy changed lanes on me & clipped me on the side.. he was in a turn right only lane.. I was going straight through the intersection traveling in the same direction.. & what he said.." I know its... Read More »

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Car Insurance question: Hitting a deer is 'collision' .. hitting a tree is 'other than collision'?

You can't be held at fault for an animal hitting your car, thus it is comprehensive or "other than collision". Unless the tree is growing legs and walking in your path, you are going to be at fau... Read More »

How to Tell if Someone's Hitting on You?

Have you noticed someone who seems to be flirting, but you're not sure they like you as more than a friend? The language of love can be detected with some tricks to find out if someone is trying to... Read More »

How to Respond After Hitting a Dog or Cat With Your Car?

What should you do if you hit a dog or cat with your car? This article will help you know how to respond if you accidentally hit one! (Hopefully you don't though...)

How to Get in Shape without Hitting the Gym?

Desk jockeys can be buff tooExercise. We cringe at the sound of it. Whether its the twenty minute drive to the gym, the pressure of others watching us wheeze like a loser on the treadmill, or the f... Read More »