What's a nice way to explain to my sister that having a puppy is in no way the same as having a babby?

Answer :)All atheist babbys are born with tails, Schmecks.

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What are you having for teasome thing smells nice""?

You have a good sense of smell :-)I found some frozen lasagna noodles in freezer and a bit of leftover frozen spaghetti sauce...So I am going to defrost and make something which might resemble Lasa... Read More »

Having a bbq on sunday.......want some nice salady receipes?

you want nice coleslaws and potato salads but have a look on for salad ideas it really is a fantastic website.hope the weather holds up and you have a great time

Nice places to take wedding pictures with a nice scenery?

find a nice city park. one with a pond/trees n' such would be the best. How cute would a pic of the bride and groom swinging on a swing set holding hands be? awww...

When people say you have nice teeth does that also means you have nice smile?

yesby the way can you please answer my question? an answer would be greatly appreciated :) thank you in advance :);…