Is it good to either turn off your computer at night or keep it running all night?

Answer This is one of those questions where there is no single right answer. In other words, it depends on how you use your computer. There are at least three situations that force you to leave your compu... Read More »

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Will this Sunday night be a good night to go out to the bars?

Did you have a good night last night?

I'm having frequent night sweats!?

1. No leukemia for you.2. Night sweats can be hot summer, blocked energy in spinal cord, heart.3. You may ask the GP to check your BP, heart, lungs.4. The rest of symptoms are self-made for want of... Read More »

I'm having trouble getting to sleep at night.?

dont take that awful nightal,you wake up with a hangover feeling,a dr wouldnt give u valium,not that u want it.Try to relax your mind before hitting the pillow,read a book is a good one or the dail... Read More »