Are you happy with your height And how tall are you?

Answer yeah......I am female and very tall 6ft even and I have loved being tall too....I get comments like that sometimes (used to more when I was a teen) and everyone always is asking me to reach things ... Read More »

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Girls how tall are you and do you like your height?

I'm 5'4 and i hate it i want to be 5 feet again..

Kitchen cabs were installed at finished floor to subcounter height of 34 inches and the dishwasher is 33.142 tall and planning on having a granite top with bullnose edge will the dishwasher fit?

Any of numerous usually evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus Rhododendron of the North Temperate Zone, having clusters of variously colored, often bell-shaped flowers.

Are you happy with your body the way it is with all your imperfections?

~~I'm too heavy for my taste at the moment...that should change after the Holidays when I get back into an active routine~~I do find myself wearing dark clothes to hide the chubby tummy...AWWWW. RE... Read More »

How tall is a bar height chair?

The height of bar chairs depends upon the counter or bar where they will be used. Bar stools being used at a 40- to 42-inch bar should be at least 30 inches tall, while bar stools being used at a 3... Read More »