Are you happy with your body?

Answer No, and i dont think i ever will be.. at 5'6 im 121 lbs and want to be like 100-105ideal dress size would be 0 lol

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How to Be Happy With Your Body?

Being happy with your body isn’t always easy, especially for girls (and some guys) these days with all of the stars and models looking perfect. Here are a few tips on how to try and make yourself... Read More »

Are you happy with your body the way it is with all your imperfections?

~~I'm too heavy for my taste at the moment...that should change after the Holidays when I get back into an active routine~~I do find myself wearing dark clothes to hide the chubby tummy...AWWWW. RE... Read More »

How to Be Happy With Your Car?

Being content and thankful for what you have is a good way to stay positive. Unfortunately, not all people can afford a fancy, sporty, or exotic car. It isn't always easy to be content with your hu... Read More »

Are you happy with your weight?

I hear you girl, I'm a little shorter but have a similar body style 12-14 and I think I look great. F*ck what everyone else the way...nothing wrong with T& em both