Are you happy that your taxes support the teaching of Islam in the UK?

Answer No I am not. Particularly as we have a group of people in wales demonstrating against the closure of schools and no-one appears to be taking any notice! Once again it seems that when it comes down ... Read More »

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How can a teaching assistant support another teaching assistance in the school?

Activities to Support the Teaching of Writing?

Teaching students to write -- and to write well -- encompasses developing a range of skills. You need to encourage students' creativity and allow them to use their imaginations. You also must ensur... Read More »

Child Support & Federal Taxes?

The U.S. Congress afforded the Department of Treasury the right to collect a variety of delinquent debts on behalf of state and federal government agencies. Child support enforcement and collection... Read More »

Do you have to file taxes for child support?

Child support is not considered deductible by the payer. It is also not considered income to the recipient. If you are the custodial parent, you can claim the child on your taxes as a dependent. W... Read More »