Are you happy that your taxes support the teaching of Islam in the UK?

Answer No I am not. Particularly as we have a group of people in wales demonstrating against the closure of schools and no-one appears to be taking any notice! Once again it seems that when it comes down ... Read More »

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Do you have to report child support as income on your taxes?

Child support that you receive is not reported as taxable income on your federal income tax return. If you pay child support, you are not allowed to deduct that amount from your taxable income.Sour... Read More »

How can a teaching assistant support another teaching assistance in the school?

How to Make Your Ex Think That You Moved and Don't Need Him in Your Life to Be Happy?

He thinks that he is everything to you, and that you need him by your side to be happy and to feel complete. For some it might be true, but we have to change all that...

You are 17 and your mother receives child support for you how can you get that child support?

You can't. She needs it to pay for your food, the electricity to cook it and to heat your bath water and to vacuum your room and the rest of the house. She has to buy you school uniforms and other ... Read More »