Are you half sisters if you have the same mother but different fathers?

Answer yes.

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If you have the same mother different fathers does that make you whole or half siblings?

If you only share one parent, that makes you half siblings.

If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate can the mother change the minors children's last name to their step fathers name without the biological fathers approval in North Carolina?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

In the state of new york can you move out of your fathers house to live with your mother without your fathers permission?

Answer In many states, children of a certain age do have a say on where they live. However, in my experience, fathers are more apt to pay for college etc. if the children are living with them at th... Read More »

What is it like to have half brothers and sisters?

well it is like the same as having regular brothers and sisters.