Are you half brother or sister if you share the same father but different mother?

Answer Completely ignore what they say. They'll continue on for a few days, but if you don't let it get to you they won't do it anymore. If they are cruel you might want to be careful though, as they may ... Read More »

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If a brother and sister have the same mother but different father are they step brother and sister?

No here they are still brother and sister, but they do have a stepfather.

Same mother different father whole or half sibling?

Full sibling A full sibling (full brother or full sister), is a sibling that shares both biological or adoptive parents. Half sibling A half sibling (half brother or half sister) is a sibling with ... Read More »

If you have same father different mother are you half or whole?

You are a Half Brother/sister. I have same family But other way around

If you have same mother but different father are you whole or half?

First, be sure to tell your family. They are the ones that sould be behind you no matter what you do and will be your biggest support system once your baby is born. Next, if you're on speaking term... Read More »