How to Be a Tomboy and Still Be Liked by Guys?

Answer Ever felt like just because you like the clothes you wear, people ignore you? Ever wonder whether or not guys would like you more if you were like all the other girls?

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How to Look Sexy, Get Guys, and Still Be You!?

Do you want to attract men who are good-looking? Even more, would you like to hear that you're sexy from them, and still be the wonderful individual person you are? Well here is some advice for you.

How to Be an Indepedent Lady and Still Friends With the Guys?

Many ladies just annoy you when they think their best friends with some guys... when they're not. Of course that annoying girl could be you. But in my opinion, guys don't control MY life. These are... Read More »

Can a girl still be attractive with braces (GUYS ONLY)?

yes, i think they can, it can be very sexy.

When you guys built your pc, did ya had internet service or did ya had to get it afterwards?

It makes no difference if you have an internet connection or not when you build a computer.After you build a computer you install the operating system and the drivers.Then you just plug in the netw... Read More »