Do guys real prefer 'no makeup'?

Answer You got a point...Boys are so confusing...I even see it in school :)Ps you would get alot of answers on this in polls and surveys

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Guys do u prefer real breasts or implants?

i dated someone with implants she was a model and they feel like crazy stick with the real thing if a guy dont appricate you for what you have then he is not worth keeping around

Guys, everyone please it real?

What is Larry the cable guys real name?

Do guys think that fake boobs are just as good as the real thing?

Well from a womans point of view fake boobs are better. I am going to turn 42 this week. ((UGH)) From my point of view if I had a few grand to spend on them id have some fake ones too!!!OOPS!!, ( H... Read More »