Are you guilty of using the phrase "I read it on wikipedia, so it must be true"?

Answer No I do question many statements that I read on wikipedia! I try to confirm info by checking a second source!**

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How can I find out if something is true or not true on Wikipedia?

Ask an expert. If you don't know who is an expert, call your local library. Your taxes fund it, so you might as well use it.Example: you read in Wikipedia that the Andorians invaded Bahrain in 1893... Read More »

Is wikipedia true or not?

Most of it is true but it can be changed by anyone. if you ever use Wikipedia, and want to verify that the information is true, go to the very bottom and check the references.

Is everything in wikipedia true?

No, there may be vandalism or mistakes in any article. However, it is comparable in accuracy to other reference works, both printed and on-line. Some commonsense is required. Checking the editing h... Read More »

Is it true that wikipedia will.....?