Are you guaranteed to get hpv from unprotected sex?

Answer On One Hand: HPV PrevalenceThe National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2003--04 suggests that among Americans aged 14 to 59, 12.2 percent of males and 32.5 percent of females have the h... Read More »

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Does Guaranteed Coverage mean guaranteed to anyone regardless of lack of coverage in the past and immigration status?

Answer It means guaranteed if you meet the "qualifications." m is guaranteed IF you have been denied in the private market, resident - Mr. Mip doesn't ask immigration status, can't be eligible for... Read More »

Chances for transmitting hiv from females to males during unprotected sex?

Almost 50% chances. It mainly depend on those females whose sex with you. If they all are hiv positive then 100% chances to transmit hiv and if all are safe there are 0% chance to transmi.

What can i catch from sitting on a public toilet bowl unprotected?

If its the U shaped toilet, probably not much to worry about.

What are my chances of getting hiv if blood from infected person got on my unprotected penis?

It's very risky. I dont want to encourage you to continue unprotected sex. But womans are the reciever there are chances that you can still be healthy.. But you won't know for sure if you don't ge... Read More »